Ordering FAQ

"I didn't get my email with the download link, why, and what do I do?"

Several email accounts have spam filters. Some email providers, like verizon.net, filter Your email on their server before it even gets to your computer. If you have not updated your spam filter to allow our email, it could get blocked or deleted.

You can CLICK HERE (login if you aren't already logged in). Then click Order history to look up the order and it will show you the download link

"I am ordering from overseas and my credit card is being declined"

Unfortunately, some non-US countries have a high rate of credit card fraud. Our Billing Processor declines internet payment from those countries. However, you may still order using the alternatives HERE

"I am having trouble with a download using a dialup modem"

There is no guarantee that downloads will work over dialup. Our files are VERY LARGE, will take hours via dialup, and data errors, hangups, etc, are VERY likely. Audio files tend to be smaller and are less likely to fail, but they are still done at your risk.





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